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It was a somber affair.  The coffin was ornate and the attendees were adorned in black as befitting the occasion.  The floral arrangement on top was also particularly well done.  And the coffin itself was, among other things, far too short.

“I’m tellin’ ya, it’s teenager in there,” Fred said, pointing at the coffin.

“Oh, it is not,” Cathy dismissed him with an impatient wave.  “Standard length for a teenager is exactly 3 inches longer than that one.”

“Fine, it’s a very short teenager.”  Fred turned to nudge his friend Roger in the ribs.  “Look here, Rodge, I bet you a fiver.”  He took off his hat, putting the bill in it.

Roger gave a small sigh and reached in his pocket for his wallet, muttering.  “You know, this was a lot more fun when we could actually use the money.”  He looked in the wallet.  “I only have a ten.”

“I’ll owe ya, then.”

“Yeah, you’ll owe me,” Roger muttered again, putting the ten in Fred’s hat along with the five.  They’ve been shuffling the same 15 dollars around for 67 years now.  It seemed no one who had come through here in that time had change for them.

“You’d think being dead would put a stop to most disgusting habits,” Cathy said irritably, shooting Fred an annoyed look.  Fred merely smiled.

“Miss, bein’ dead ain’t gonna stop me from gambling.  It’s one of the fundamental joys of life, it is.”

“Well, since life itself is no longer available, you’d think it’s “joys” would leave too.”

Fred scowled, taking a deep breath to retort about how insensitive Cathy was being, him being only recently dead in the last century, and whatever happened to her kind and generous nature, he’d like to have that lady back if that’s alright.  But he was cut off by Roger’s simple statement of “the possibly-teen is coming now,” and Fred wheeled around to look at the funeral.  The last bit of dirt was finally hitting the mound, and, sure enough, a young man emerged, vaguely transparent.  He looked at the people around the grave, and then looked at the tombstone, and finally at his feet.

“Aw, shit,” he said.

“Hey!  Look here, kid!” Fred yelled over.  The boy looked over to the three vaguely transparent, well past middle-aged people sitting comfortably on a bench near the ceremony.  Fred motioned for the boy to come over, and reluctantly, the kid left behind his recent grave.  “Look here, kid, how old are ya, anyway?”

“Uhm, fifteen,” the boy said, then shot a confused look back to the funeral.  “Um, look, I just found out I died, so if it’s alright with you, I’m gonna go wander off now.”

“But your coffin, it was three inches short of the standard size!” Cathy protested.

“Was it?” the teen asked sourly.  “I hadn’t noticed.”

Roger sighed.  “Look, we’re here to welcome you.  What’s your name, kid?”

“Milo.  And you’re doing a terrible job of it, by the way.”

“Yeah, and you just cost me a fiver.  I figure we’re even,” Roger said, being handed the five by Fred who put his hat happily back on, the ten still in it.

“…Right.  So, welcoming committee, what do I do now?”

Fred shrugged.  “We wait.”

“For what?”

“For the day we all wait for,” Cathy said grandly.  “The day we can reach the great
beyond.  The day hiding at the end of the week.”

“And not Sunday,” Roger said sourly.  “I’d have been long gone if it was then.  And probably still have my ten bucks, too.”

“Look, if yer that sour about it, I’ll just give it to ya back, yeah?  All you have to bet in is how long it takes this one,” Fred pointed at Milo, “ta figure it out.”

“Look, if it’s not Sunday, and it’s not Monday, how about midnight on Sunday?  It’s shown as a bunch of zeros on the clock, isn’t it?” Milo said irritably.  Spending eternity in the company of these three wasn’t looking too enticing.  “So try again then.”

“…Huh,” Cathy said.  “That…makes sense.  That might be it!”

“Yeah,” Roger said.  “That’s probably it.”  He didn’t quite sound as excited as before.

“Look, though,” Fred said slowly.  “We got the Wednesday funeral to welcome too.  And it’d be irresponsible of us to leave that poor recently deceased soul to fend for himself.”

“Very,” Cathy said.

“And then there’s the girl on Monday next, right?” Roger added.

“Haven’t you been waiting for this since forever,” Milo asked.

“Yeah,” Roger said, smiling, “but when you add to infinity, nothing really happens.  What’s a few more days?”

“Weeks,” Cathy corrected him.

Years,” Fred said happily.

“Right,” Milo said uncertainly, and turned to look at his own grave.  The flowers were pretty, at least.  Fred tapped him on the shoulder.

“Say, do you have change for a ten?”
Short short story for my Creative Writing class 8D A rework of an old story of mine, really. Because I had to make it no longer than 3 pages, and I had a week to write it, and rewriting was pretty fun anyway. This'd make a silly comic, with all their funny faces...

Tried for humor. Hopefully I didn't fail too badly :P

Characters are all mine. Original fiction ftw <3

(Also, pun for the title, oh, I'm so witty... 8D )
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angelslament Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008
how cute! i thought i remembered the characters from something. ^_^
antiknuckles Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2008
good story, well writen and entertaining. :D
ShinigamiLeo Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2008
That was actually pretty awesome, I'd like to see this continue. :D
Porkydoll Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well written and humorous, it was a great little read :D
Zen-Dragon-Pyro Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2008
Haww. Cute story, and those characters seem fun.
They a one time thing, or is there any chance we might be getting ta know 'em? > w>
Sins-Of-Angels Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008
this is not late at all > 3>;;;

It's currently just a one-time thing. Quit while I'm ahead, sorta dealie. x3
Cielo-Eos Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008
Haha! That was great, if a little... well, as Darkside put it, grim.
Darkside009 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008
Love it ^_^ Funny and kinda grim in it's own way.
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