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-Tangled Spoilers- The Tower
A knock on the door. A pause. And then again. And then twice in succession. And then a voice.
"Rapunzel?" She didn't even move her gaze from the window. "Rapunzel, are you in there?" She made no move towards the door, or no effort to call out. "Rapunzel, I'm coming in." The door creaked open and Eugene entered, slowly. Immediately, he saw her, sitting on her window sill and staring out into the kingdom, her hands gripping the ends of her short brown hair.
It had been only a week and a half, barely ten days, since she shut herself up here. At first she wouldn't even unlock the door for food, eating whatever she had stashed away in her room. He would knock on her door for hours for the first three days, and she would not answer. It wasn't until the fifth day that she opened the door just a crack and requested some paints, and some more food. When she opened it again to accept everything, he had tried to push his way into the room, but the reaction was… unfavorable.
After that he did
:iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 13 12
Origins: Julie Dichen by Sins-Of-Angels Origins: Julie Dichen :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 9 15 Beginnings by Sins-Of-Angels Beginnings :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 11 25 Why aren't you awesomed by me? by Sins-Of-Angels Why aren't you awesomed by me? :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 50 21 Reeberries by Sins-Of-Angels Reeberries :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 30 12 Photobooth Snapshot by Sins-Of-Angels Photobooth Snapshot :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 34 27 Miss SDL 2009 Audition by Sins-Of-Angels Miss SDL 2009 Audition :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 26 6 This Part Was For Her by Sins-Of-Angels This Part Was For Her :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 20 23
The point of the land was to be impressive.  Since he stepped out of the carriage, he could see that.  Impressive and imposing, with old, distinguished stone steps through the winding hills that only seemed to go up.    But he climbed all of them, even the ones that crumbled under his feet.  There were hedges and trees, guards to bar his way.  As if this was a test.  Although, in this society, it very well might have been.  Here was different.  Here with the stone steps and winding hills and guarding trees, everything was different.
Eventually, even the trees gave way to an arena.  It was the first place he had come to that wasn’t overgrown with flowers and weeds, but the grass was kept neat and tidy, and the stonework looked like flawless marble.  It had white and black squares, and it was, as expected, very obviously a chessboard.  What wasn’t expected was
:iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 19 15
LoT: Meanwhile
The old man's nephew looked out the giant observation window into the city. His workers and helpers spewed statistics at him every so often about the amount of steam being released and the last earthquake location. They barely even stopped talking anymore.
He sighed, which only deepened when his uncle burst in and ran to look out through the window at the city. The nephew watched him, disinterested, then said "Uncle, really, you have your own observation deck, what are you-"
"Shhhh. Hear that?" The old man waved his nephew impatiently into silence, and went back to his staring, pressing his large nose to the window to see better.
The nephew looked out at the city, then back at the old man. "Hear what?" Agitated, the old man looks at him for a moment before seeming to make up his mind and rushing over to him, dragging him to his eye level by the collar.
"Listen," he hissed. He looked back out the window, and the nephew unenthusiastically follows his gaze.
"I still don't hear anyt
:iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 68 35
This Time
The first time, she pulled on my skirt.  What’dya want, I had asked.  She didn’t answer, but took her thumb out of her mouth and pointed to her eyes.  Oh, yeah, they are pretty pink, I had said to her with a smile, bending to look into them.  A sign of the magic she and I had in common.  She pulled on my skirt again and had responded, friend.  She was three.
She was ten, walking with me in the fields.  I’ll be leavin’ next year, I had said proudly.  Leavin’ this place and going off to school where I’ll learn all that magic they teach you there.  She just looked up at me, uncomprehending.  Why would you have to learn more magic, she had asked.  You have all the magic you need right now, they’ll just kill it.  Make it neat.  Make it fit.  I shook my head, no, I had said, they’ll make it focused.  Make
:iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 18 34
You're a Heartbreaker by Sins-Of-Angels You're a Heartbreaker :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 34 28 See the World II by Sins-Of-Angels See the World II :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 38 20 See the World by Sins-Of-Angels See the World :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 66 28 Queen of Diamond by Sins-Of-Angels Queen of Diamond :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 18 17 Naomi by Sins-Of-Angels Naomi :iconsins-of-angels:Sins-Of-Angels 18 35

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Due to various things related to life outside and inside of DA, I don't come here anymore. I don't think that's likely to change, and I'm sorry if you've sent me a message or note or anything in the past...several years, because it probably did not get answered or even looked at since I haven't signed in to this place in over a year.

At most I'll stop by and upload art if I ever make something I want to share here again, but that's still unlikely.

In the mean time, you can find me on tumblr. I don't upload art very often, it's mostly quotes, pretty pictures, bad jokes, feminism, fandom stuff, and fanfics I write: If you want to send me a message, that is the BEST way to do it, since I'll usually see it that day. EDIT: I'm worried that people took this to mean I was asking for tumblr followers - please only follow me if you find my blog enjoyable and something you want to have on your personal dash. I only listed it here because it's the one site I do update with artwork (infrequently), and the best way to get in touch with me, rather than DA notes.

If for some reason you want crappy cell phone photos of sketches, pictures of my boyfriend's dog, or random selfies of me looking totally awesome, you can find me on instagram as smile_nova. (It's mostly my boyfriend's dog, fair warning.)

Other than that, more or less, farewell, DA. It's been a fun ride, but I should stop pretending I have the mental energy to come back here on anything more than a once-a-year-for-5-minutes basis.


United States
Current Residence: Tennessee
Favourite genre of music: A little bit of everything, really.
Wallpaper of choice: Everchanging, from geeky to geekier.
Favourite cartoon character: ...Can I name Tex Avery as a cartoon character?


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I want you to know, if you will ever read this.... That LoT is not over, and everything related, will definitely will return, the characters and all, though with a different plot.
There will be a new enemy that awaits and a hero to guide them~

Just you wait! Law of talos, Sins of Angles, Karl, the Characters, will return! Look to the future and know that it awaits, and my name covers it!~

("Of course, I will be sure to let the people know who they rightfully belong to")
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